Tea Thai Nguyen brings a charming Vietnamese flavor

For anyone who has ever enjoyed Thai Nguyen tea, it would be hard to forget the rich and sweet aftertaste, the smell of young nuggets spread from the  “first-class green tea” Tan Cuong teacup.

Drinking tea, a Vietnamese long-standing culture

No one knows when Thai Nguyen tea has recognized as a cultural highlight in Vietnamese drinking habit. Although Thai Nguyen is not the ancestral land of tea, however, with the natural privileges, the tea here has a unique flavor deserved the name of First-Class green tea in Vietnam. Not only the elderly and the middle-aged people are “addicted” to drink green tea, but drinking a cup of tea now is becoming a pleasure that creeps into the lifestyle of young people.

Throughout a long history of hundreds of years, drinking tea has become a routine of Vietnamese people. Although there are countless choices for drinking such as soft drinks, beer, juice. However, tea is still an indispensable beverage in Vietnamese people’s daily life.

In Vietnam, it is not difficult to see the image of seniors sitting and talking about life around the tea table. What is better than a cup of hot tea at every moment when men next to their soulmates?

Tasting tea is not only an elegant pleasure of the men, the fathers and uncles. Today, sipping a cup of warm tea has begun to creep into the youth. It does not mention the tea ceremony or the famous milk tea shops, but the cup of a rustic romantic tea – a desirable reward.  Many young people find in a cup of warm tea a pleasant feeling, bitter at first but sweet aftertaste. This sweetness lasts long in the throat.

Tea is not only a simple drink, Thai Nguyen tea but also used as an extremely warm and elegant gift that Vietnamese people offer to grandparents, parents, colleagues and guests of honor. Although it does not bring great material value or luxury, giving tea is always appreciated by both donors and recipients. Because a gift of tea is a great way to express the warmth of love and sincere care that people give others.

Elders play chess and enjoy tea

Drinking tea is a long-standing culinary culture of Vietnamese people. No need to be too sophisticated, the way of Vietnamese tasting tea is really simple but elegant that manifest partly the identity of the Vietnamese people.

Although it is easy to make a standard teapot, not all people can prepare it. Because they have to gain knowledge about good tea and understand deeply about tea culture. It is not by chance to say that if you want to enjoy tea, you should choose Tan Cuong green tea. Because Thai Nguyen is promised land for nourishing tea plants where the tea trees can create a unique flavor that nowhere else can get. Thai Nguyen green tea conquers tea lovers by its passionate flavor of young nuggets, the crystal clear water, or the sweet and bitter aftertaste. The teapot of the ” Northern Thai” people is not only what is perceived by the five senses, but also in the concentrated teacup that contains meaningful and touching secrets. In Thai Nguyen land, people’s lives stick together with tea trees, every household has at least a few small tea beds. People take care, collect, dry, cherish every tea bud in the method handed from generation to generation. Tea makers put all their love into making tea with a desire to bring the full flavor of “first-class green tea” all over the world.

Hence, If you have a desire to enjoy tea, to sip a drink that brings a flavor of Vietnamese identity or inhale the scent of the distinctive smell of green tea, you should choose Thai Nguyen tea.

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