Tea Festival – Development opportunities for “tea village tourism”

Thai Nguyen is considered as a rich land of tourism resources including the tangible and intangible cultural values associated with tea trees. Thai Nguyen has long been known as a “Capital” of Vietnamese tea with several tea villages in the middle of the charming country with honest and hospitable farmers. Exploiting the strength of all aspects of tea trees, starting in 2012, every two years, Thai Nguyen organized Thai Nguyen Tea Festival. This city also built Thai Nguyen tea tourism packages with many interesting tours with exciting experiences for domestic and foreign tourists.

Poetic green Tan Cuong tea hills

Across the country, there are so many traditional agricultural villages, but it is difficult to find a place where there are 50 famous tea villages in all 9 districts, cities and towns like in Thai Nguyen. Moreover, the tea villages in Thai Nguyen lie at the heart of the green natural landscapes, interspersed with unique historical monuments, cultural areas imbued with many ethnic identities. While the tea villages in Dai Tu district located near a vast mountain forest at Tam Dao, the tea villages of Dinh Hoa, Dong Hy, and Vo Nhai bring soft and poetic beauty with green curved tea beds wrapped around the hills. The hill looks like an upside down bowl, encircling the limestone mountains. Especially tea hills in Tan Cuong located near to Nui Coc Lake created a vast landscape with charming scenery. Besides, the tea villages are also Thai Nguyen is proud to be the “first-class green tea region”; Thai Nguyen tea is honored to be rated as one of the Asian valuable specialties. Thai Nguyen tea trade brand is now protected with collective marks in large competitive markets such as China, Taiwan and the US. With its distinctive taste, Thai Nguyen tea is also selected as a gift at the APEC 2017 Summit. In addition to bringing great economic value, it also sends a message of the traditional cultural value and potential of developing community tourism. There are many famous specialty tea areas such as Tan Cuong, Phuc Triu, Trai Cai, La Bang, Phuc Thuan  which are tourist attractions that hold attention of many tourists when coming to Thai Nguyen.

According to the General Department of Tourism: Craft village tourism is the first choice for tourists. Statistics show that the number of tourists who choose cultural village tourism accounts for 60% of the 800 million visitors worldwide.

With famous tea specialties and beautiful scenery, along with the diversity of tourism resources in the region, Thai Nguyen tea villages will surely have a strange attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. In the near future, the development of the tea industry and each tea village will become a destination of tourists from all walks of life.

Experiencing community tourism services in Thai Nguyen tea villages

In fact, after the success of Thai Nguyen Tea  Festival from 2011 to 2017, Thai Nguyen province has paid attention to facilitate the development of craft village tourism. Currently, most tea fields are grown and taken cared according to a series of standards: VietGAP, UTZ, and Biocert. Besides, the roads lead to tea villages have been upgraded. Tea farmers are allowed to take part in training courses on community tourism, perform folk songs and dance as well as tourism skills. From the end of 2012, the community-based cultural tourism village in Tan Cuong specialty tea area has been developed in Tan Cuong, Phuc Triu, Phuc Xuan and Quyet Thang communes with various types of eco-tourism, community tourism, cultural tourism in craft villages. Notably, taking part in the community tourism model, the households are trained in foreign languages and skills to apply community and homestay services so that visitors can eat, stay and work together. Coming to tea villages, visitors can enjoy the tea-picking and tea-making work, get incense and enjoy the products made by their own hands.

Green Tea parade at Thai Nguyen Tea Festival

Development of tea production and processing in combine with the model of tea village tourism will certainly bring dual benefits to the economic and cultural development of every Thai tea region. Therefore, the handshake between farmers – scientists – authorities – and tourism business enterprises must be increasingly tightened to go far and sustainably. However, trade village tourism activities are currently a new kind of tours in Thai Nguyen. With diverse potentials in tourism in general and craft village tourism in particular, it is believed that traditional products of craft villages in general and tea villages, in particular, will become typical cultural and tourist products of Thai Nguyen – environmental friendly tourism. Taking part in Thai Nguyen folk culture experience tour, visitors will discover the unique features of culture and art of tea. For more information click here.


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