Local specialties in “First-class green tea”

Thai Nguyen is the land of natural resources with many beautiful landscapes and historical sites. Besides, Thai Nguyen’s cuisine marks its unique features. If tourists have an opportunity to travel in Thai Nguyen, you should not forget to enjoy the specialties imbrued with the cultural identity of this mountainous community “First-class green tea”.

Tan Cuong green tea

Referring to Thai Nguyen specialties, people immediately remember green tea. Being the top specialty of Thai Nguyen, Thai Nguyen green tea has a strong flavor, sweet aftertaste and discreet aroma of green rice that makes everyone who has ever enjoyed it remember forever. Thanks to favorable and suitable natural conditions for tea, the tea trees in Thai Nguyen have the typical taste of Thai soil. It would not be overstated to say that traveling in Thai Nguyen but not yet enjoying a cup of Tan Cuong tea, or not buying a  bag of dried tea bud as a gift, it cannot be called a Thai Nguyen travel.

“First-class green tea” Thai Nguyen

Banh chung at Bo Dau

Bo Dau is a place-name of a trade village located in Co Lung commune, Phu Luong district, Thai Nguyen province. This trade village has a reputation for making banh chung. Bo Dau Banh Chung village is geographically guided and recognized as a traditional trade village since 2009. Bo Dau’s Banh Chung are known for its secret of making banh chung handed from generation to generation. Banh chung here is made from the best-selected kind of sticky rice in Dinh Hoa that stewed continuously under high heat for 8-10 hours. Peeling the outer leaf, the green sticky crust of green, the smell of green bean, the spicy taste of pepper and the fat of lean and fat meat mixed will appear and convince any picky eater. Bo Dau’s Banh Chung are favored by visitors who often stop to buy a pair of banh chung as gifts.

Banh chung are packed in different ways

Lam rice at Dinh Hoa

Lam rice is a simple dish and no longer unfamiliar to the mountainous midland region of northeastern residents. However, Lam rice at Dinh Hoa has its own unique features because it has cooked with crystal clear water from river headed water and rice on the hillside, the smell from green forests of the Dinh Hoa safety zone combined to make visitors an unforgettable experience. Dinh Hoa Rice is made from this special kind of sticky rice, which is a kind of large – size – grained glutinous rice grown on the hill, then harvested around September and October every year. The rice is served with sesame and salt. This dish is both rustic and unforgettable. Dinh Hoa people are also very creative when changing the familiar rice dish with peanut rice, or Lam cam rice (purple  Lam rice) really attract tourists from the form of presenting and the taste.

Lam rice is grilled by firewood

Ha Chau Black olives

Among the gift of natural products in Thai Nguyen, Phu Binh Black olives is one of the famous specialties. Black olives soaked in very hot water turning to thickened, soft, yellow or purple. According to the locals, planting and nursing the black olives trees require a lot of hard work. This process will take from 7 to 8 years since planting olives, even 10 years. There are only about 3 to 4 olive trees can give fruit.

Unlike white olives, Phu Binh black olives are soft, aromatic, fatty, and special fleshy. It is possible to use black olives to prepare various dishes such as sticky black olive rice, meat and black olive simmer, black olive salad and so on. These black olive dishes that have become famous specialties.

Fatty yellow flesh black olives

Binh Long tofu

Tofu is nothing strange, however, when mentioning about delicious tofu, it should be the tofu made at Binh Long commune, Vo Nhai district. In this region, people have a secret of making well known delicious traditional tofu. A special feature of Binh Long beans lies at the shape of tofu. Binh Long tofu are pressed in a large mold and then cut into square and big pieces. Beans are not too hard, pulp and not too soft. Binh Long tofu are quite fat, served with shrimp sauce or chili sauce, adding some herbs is a perfect delicacy.

Silky soft  Binh Long tofu are cut into square

Dai Tu fermented pork roll

Mentioning to fermented pork roll, everyone might consider it as a Thanh Hoa specialties. But few people know that in Thai Nguyen, there is also a region of making this delicious dish, which is Dai Tu. Dai Tu fermented pork rolls are made from lean butt meat, garlic, wine, pepper, powdered grilled rice and guava leaf. Then, this fermented pork rolls are carefully wrapped with banana leaves to ferment for a few days. Unlike other types of fermented pork roll that can be eaten immediately, Dai Tu fermented pork rolls need to be grilled with charcoal or rolled over a pan or baked in a microwave to be eaten. If you have a chance to go to Dai Tu, don’t forget to enjoy this special dish.

Tasty Dai Tu fermented pork rolls

Uc Ky soybean jam

A sweet, thick mixture taste the same as sweet as honey. It has an attractive dark yellow color that makes Uc Ky soybean jam brand. This is a culinary gift of Thai Nguyen that has followed tourists from all over the country.

People never know when soybean jam in Uc Ky becoming a specialty.  In every household has at least a jar of soybean jam to eat in a year and give it as a rustic present. The soybean jam here is similar to other types of soybean jam in different trade village in Vietnam.Uc Ky soybean jam made from 3 main ingredients of sticky rice, soybean, and salt. However, the best soybean jam made from Thau Dau glutinous rice. This special kind of sticky rice is an important material to make the difference of Uc Ky soybean jam.

Uc Ky soybean jam has become a long-standing brand

Thua Lam Shrimp rolls

People in Thua Lam village, Tien Phong commune, Pho Yen town have a unique and long-term dish that is shrimp rolls. In order to make the famous and delicious shrimp rolls, people should choose the small river shrimps with the size of the little finger, thin fried eggs and Thai

 Nguyen lean pork paste, then rolled together with herbs and onions. The rolls will be severed with dipping sauce of lemon, sugar and fish sauce. These are all simple ingredients combined together to form an attractive dish that cannot be denied. The shrimp of Thua Lam has been ranked in top 100 typical Vietnamese specialties voted by the Vietnamese Record Organization in the period of 2011-2016

Gorgeous shrimp rolls

The Cooc Mo Rice Cake

The Cooc Mo in the Tay language means the croissant, which is an indispensable traditional item on the full month party of the Tay. Cooc Mo – a name generated from the special shape of the cake, which has a point like a cow horn. The Cooc Mo is made from glutinous rice, mixed with a little peanut, wrapped in a leaf and tied with bamboo strings. The special thing of the Cooc Mo is that it has no filling. However, eaters can feel the aroma, fat, plasticity in each sticky rice, very delicious when tasting. Today, Cooc Mo are made all year round and sold a lot at the fairs in Vo Nhai district, Dinh Hoa district

Horn-shape Cooc Mo rice cake

Ngan Me Bitter Bamboo Shoots

One of Thai Nguyen specialties has made the name and soul of cuisine  here is bitter bamboo shoot at Ngan Me. Bamboo shoots are cooked by mountainous people into many delicious highland dishes such as: bamboo shoots – pork rolls, bitter bamboo shoot stew with snails and simply boiled bamboo shoots with salt and chili or shrimp sauce. The bitter, crunchy, fragrant taste of bamboo is not only saved on the tip of the tongue but also in the hearts of customers whenever they have the opportunity to enjoy this impressive dish.

Ngan Me Bamboo shoots

In addition to the specialties listed on Windy Capital, there are many other unique products such as wormwood cakes, forest bananas, Hung Son rice noodles, Viet Cuong vermicelli. When you have a chance to discover Thai Nguyen, do not forget to experience culinary specialties and unique ethnic culture here. Thai Nguyen “First-class green tea” homeland, this land with many breath-taking landscapes, exotic culture, and historical traditions will bring you many interesting memory.

Taking part in Thai Nguyen folk culture experience tour, visitors will have a chance to enjoy the specialties of “First-class green tea” land. For more information, click here.




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