Thai Nguyen is a mountainous midland province – a gateway connecting the Northernmost Vietnam base and the Northern Delta, which is home of nearly 40 ethnic groups. Among them, there are  8 ethnic groups with a larger proportion in Thai Nguyen population, namely Kinh, Tay, Nung, Mong, Dao, San Diu and Hoa. This community marks distinctive characteristics of ethnic groups in the Northeastern low hills. In particular, Tày ethnic people with a population of 106,238 people, accounting for 10.7% of the provincial population (second only to Kinh people) is considered as cultural subjects in the Northeast in general and Thai Nguyen in particular. For humanistic tourism resources, Thai Nguyen has hundreds of tangible and intangible heritage, including 132 historical-cultural relics and ranked landscapes. Intangible cultural heritage in Thai Nguyen is plentiful as well, for example, Tay Tham Roc Puppetry, Tac Xinh dance, San Chay ethnic traditional singing, Vi singing at Cau river, Dao ethnic rituals, Long Tong festivals at Dinh Hoa, traditional craft villages and so on. Especially, Thai Nguyen has drawn in visitors’ mind very specific tea culture space “The first-class tea region”. With such a rich history and natural conditions and humane society, Thai Nguyen is regarded as a great potential rich land that can develop many types of tourism, including folk-based tourism. of the local community .

In the context of the transformation of economic structure, Thai Nguyen is currently shifting its economic structure, encouraging the development of services sectors including tourism – an effective and sustainable tool to exploit folk culture to improve locals’ standards of living, increasing income and employment opportunities. Tourism also significantly contribute to promoting Thai Nguyen’s image to domestic and international friends. Tourism development strategy of the Northern Midland and mountainous area in the period of 2010-2020 with a vision to 2030 has identified folk cultural tourism as a special product of the region.

Thai Nguyen folklore experience tour is a package tour offered by The science and technology mission “Exploiting folklore value to develop tourism in Thai Nguyen ” which is under cooperation between the scientific research and transfer science and technology progress program; Thai Nguyen Provincial People’s Committee and Thai Nguyen University up to the year 2020.


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