How to brew and enjoy Tan Cuong  tea?

In order to brew a nice pot of tea, the old men made tea very elaborately. To keep the special fragrance of tea, we need to brew the tea properly. Green tea, original tea, flavored tea, each type of tea has different ways to bring their unique flavor. Among of them, Tan Cuong is one of the most popular original dried tea that required to brew in an elaborative way. Let’s learn about brewing tea to have a delicious, full-flavor pot of  Tan Cuong tea.

Firstly, preparing tea set.

You need to choose a set of teapot and cups. There are many types of teapots and teacups with different materials for you to choose, namely porcelain, earthenware, glass, and metal, depending on the purpose, we can choose the suitable tea sets. Here, to original dried green tea, porcelain or earthenware teapots are the appropriate choices to make tea because these two materials can keep heat longer. The earthenware pots are even able to save tea flavor if used regularly. We should choose light-colored and thin-walled cups. If the cup is coated with a white ceramic glaze, it will help you evaluate exactly the color of tea.

Earthenware pot is the most suitable type of teapot

Water for making tea must be clean water such as filtered water, spring water, rainwater. The old also used to collect the dew condensed particles on lotus leaves in the early morning to brew tea. If we use impure and smelly water to brew tea, the flavor of tea will be damaged. We have to pay attention to adjust the fire, not high and not too low if the water is too hot, the tea flavor will be broke and vice versa.

Now start brewing tea

First, “warming up” the cup and “wake up” the tea. Filling the kettle with boiling water, then divide the water back into the small cups and pour the water away. This stage helps clean the cup and warms the cup to make sure the brewing tea process perfect. Next, “warming up” tea, you put a sufficient amount of tea into the pot, then pour quickly boiling water into tea and then squeeze the water away. This step helps clean the tea while waking the tea wings to warm them up to infuse faster.

“Warming up”  tea set before brewing tea

After “warming up” tea, pouring the boiling water covering the tea, cover it, leave it for 1-2 minutes before filling up the teapot and waiting for a few minutes to enjoy. Time to infuse tea also depends on each type of tea and different types of the teapot. The temperature of boiling water is also variable. We should avoid using too hot water for brewing tea. Because the tea will be very acrid.

When tea infuses, now you just pour the tea into the cup to enjoy. However, because the tea is in the pot’s tap and the pot’s rim will be much lighter than the tea in the bottom of the teapot. If filling up every cup, the tea in the cups will be unequal dark. Therefore, to have similar taste of teacups, you have to pour tea and shake evenly the teapot. If you do not have a specialized tea pot, you should pour tea into two turns. The first round, pouring half-full each cup and then turn the second round to fill up the cup. Such pouring of tea is a way to reduce the temperature of tea to drink more easily, as well as filter the tea scrumble, avoid them falling into the cup. It is also noticeable that while pouring tea is never let run out of water in a teapot. You should leave a little tea in the pot to save the first extract of tea for the next time. This is a way for keeping teapot to be used many times but still colored, nice smell and tasteful.

Pouring tea

To serve tea, you should give the teacups to the elders first, that shows your respect. When serving tea, if you want to be a sensitive tea-drinker, let pay attention to the pattern of teacup then rotate the best pattern of the teacup to the invited person. Holding teacups with two hands and maybe slightly bow your head to show your appreciation. If you are a tea invited, let receiving the cup of tea with two hands.

Each teapot could use for 5-6 times by adding boiling water. However, people often only use 3 times. According to the tea experienced drinkers, the second time of tea the most tasteful tea.

After enjoying tea, don’t forget to clean the tea set to ensure the taste of tea for later enjoyment. After washing, rinse with hot water, avoid using detergents or scrub hard to clean the teapot. Vietnamese brewing tea process is so sophisticated but not really difficult to manipulate. Similar to the Vietnamese lifestyle which is friendly, open, pure and respectful.

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