Distinctions in Vietnamese tea culture

Drinking tea is a typical and long-standing culture of Vietnamese people. Vietnamese tea culture is one of the highlights of the national culinary culture. From rural to urban areas, from North to South, tea is associated with the life of Vietnamese from daily life to occasions, festivals and weddings where images of green teacups have also appeared. It is also rare to have a drink that is both simple  and pure but full of artistic and cultural values as Vietnamese tea.

Tasting tea is  a long-standing cultural activity of Vietnamese people

Tea culture has existed for ages in  Vietnam’s history that is familiar with the image of a down to earth teahouse standing at the village’s gate with a teapot, peanut candies, a hubble – bubble pipe and teacups for guests. In the royal palace, the Kings and Lords enjoy tea according to elaborate ways, the tea flavored with flowers, the gathered dew  at the source will be used to brew the tea. In meditation, people drink tea to calm their mind.

The tea house at village’s gate and a bowl of green  tea

Unlike the Chinese tea culture or the “Japanese tea ceremony”  in Japan, Vietnamese tea bears its own essence of culture: Before drinking, it often takes teacups through the nose to enjoy the fragrance of tea, takes a small sip of tea, feels the bitter taste of tea, sweet aftertaste in the tip of the tongue. That’s so gleeful experience. The Vietnamese have the phrase: “The first water, the second tea, the third teapot, the fourth teacups, the fifth soulmates”. Firstly, the water used to make tea, which is pure water. The second is a set of a teapot, four small teacups and a bigger cup to serve tea. Finally, to tasting tea perfectly, you should invite your tea bosom friends to talk about the life , recite poems, express your feelings while drinking tea.

Tea is not only associated with daily life but also infused with folk songs, poetry, lyrical folk songs and Vietnamese literary competitions. Make boys know to play cards:

Drinking tea, having an ear for Nom Kieu

(Folk poem)

“Three rice wine at midnight

A teapot in the dawn

Keeping this drinking habit

The doctor will be away”

(Nguyen Tuan)

Through the ups and downs of the nation’s history, tea trees are still attached to Vietnamese people. Along with the development of the era, drinking tea of Vietnamese people has created an identity that is called “Vietnamese tea soul”.

In terms of social interaction, Vietnamese people today still use tea to entertain visitors. As opportunity offers, family members or friends often sit together around a hot teapot to enjoy the teapot, have a funny talk then laugh loudly. In Vietnam, not only elderly people drink tea but young people also enjoy tea in their own ways. It is not difficult to find an iced tea shop or lemon tea on the pavements. The way Vietnamese people drink tea is very simple, the stories around the cup of tea are often very friendly daily life stories of tea drinkers. However, that simplicity that makes a very unique culture in Vietnamese culinary culture. Vietnamese people enjoy tea, offer tea and give tea; Vietnamese people bring tea to the world. Vietnamese tea has its own characteristics, difficult to confuse with any type of tea in any country in the world. From the way of making the tea of Vietnamese people is also distinctive that is comfortable, open, not sophisticated but not too simple.

Iced tea on the sidewalk

Similar to many famous places for tea, Thai Nguyen tourism with Tan Cuong “first-class tea region” emerged as a place attracting numerous tourists. Not only connoisseurs but also foreign tourists are gradually finding tea as a way to learn about Vietnamese culture and people. It can be seen that Vietnamese tea culture will really be a strength to attract tourists and build up a worldwide Vietnamese tea brand as well.

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