Discovering the famous Tan Cuong tea production process

Tan Cuong tea has long been an elegant kind of gift. Those who have once enjoyed this type of tea will surely be impressed to forget by its unique flavor.

In order to make a famous “first-class green tea”Tan Cuong tea product, it is a sophisticated process from collecting raw materials to packing a tea product of tea artisans in Thai Nguyen tea land.

Besides, the manual production process, today the modern production process with many cutting-edge machines is also applied by many households and cooperatives. However, handmade tea still retains a certain preference of tea lovers. Because in handmade tea, the artisans pour their love and passion into tea product.

Tea production process in Thai Nguyen starts from tea bud collection. Fresh tea buds have picked up from tea fields grown in Tan Cuong where the favorable features of soil for creating a type of tea with the special flavor of bitter and sweet and the smell of green rice.

Every fresh tea bud meticulously collected by people (Photo: Internet)

After the wilting gas, tea buds will be stirred, this step called militating against yeast process: Pour fresh tea leaves to pan with the high flame to stir tea leaves. Today, people use the rotary furnace to heat the tea for a certain period of time until the fresh tea leaves soft and elastic so that they will not be crumpled.

After carrying out yeast killing process, tea when still very hot poured into a hot pot or a big bowl, then tea leaves will be rolled to be curly by artisans’ hands. This step determines whether the tea wing is small and beautiful or not. Another way is to crumble up the rest of small crumbles of tea leaves, after that, we remove all the debris, then put the tea into a mortar to make tea. The time of bruising process lasts from 10 minutes to 15 minutes, depending on the type of tea and the tea rubbing machine.

Every stage will indicate the craftsmanship of tea artisans (Photo: Internet).

Stage of drying tea: Using gentle heat for drying gradually tea until the tea wings dried and turn black with a typical aroma. Let’s the dried tea cool with moisture at 3 to 5%.

With the support of machines, the tea making process becomes simpler (Photo: Internet)

The dried tea will be poured into the bamboo board, picked impurities including stalks, old leaves. Tea continues with a stage called will “Making incense”. At this stage, the special flavor of Tan Cuong tea will be created. This is the most important step that requires the tea maker to have a great experience due to the tea will be very easy to burn.

Next, we heat the pan on the stove, then stir the tea to dry again until the smell of green rice sent out. Describing this stage only takes a few lines, but to get the special flavor for tea is a really difficult task for that only be carried out by an experienced artisan in the family.

The final stage is tea crushing and packaging (Photo: Internet)

These are the processes of Thai Nguyen tea production with the direct involvement of human hands and the support of machines. To get delicious tea products, the production process is the most important that determine the flavor and taste of the teacup. This production process required the craftmanship from artisan with skillful hands, a subtle feel and a rich experience.

In Tan Cuong tea land, each artisan has his own secret of creating a tea product. These secrets will offer diversity and richness of the flavor for Tan Cuong tea that meets diverse demand and tastes of all guests.

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