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Folk culture Thai Nguyen tour

Thai Nguyen province has a reputation for a place of interest which considered as an open-cast gold mine of Vietnam tourism with several attractive tours, namely: traveling back to origins; green tourism; ‘spiritual’ tourism at tea growing areas. With these tours, visitors will have a blast by experiencing exotic folklore characteristics of Tay ethnic community in Thai Nguyen.

Thai Nguyen Tourism

Traditional value

Experiencing the traditional folk culture space with unique values from the Tay ethnic community in Thai Nguyen. Traditional values of tangible and intangible objects will bring visitors unforgettable impressions.

Reputable Partners

We are honored to cooperate with reputable partners to exploit folklore values in tourism evolution, such as Cultural Museum of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups; Thai Hai eco-tourism village; Tan Cuong tea village.

Trademark prestige

For customers, the prestige which is a prerequisite of our development, a leading goal in developing tourism services of exploiting Thai Nguyen folklore values.

Promising to bring new values

We always seek for brand new values to bring our customers the most memorable experiences.

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